The best way to prepare for the PER exam, you will teach while you sail in person, sleep and sail in the same boat where we will also give theoretical classes, in addition you will perform the practical hours necessary to obtain the PER for sailing boats

Every day we will visit an ISLAND at the same time that we are learning sailing

Beginning of the course Monday, January 13, 2019
Duration of the journey and course 9 days
All Meals Bed
Diesel Soft drinks
Flights from Madrid 16 hours mandatory hands-on classes 24 additional hours to drive boats up to 24 meters in sloon and sail between the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. 12 hours short-range radio operator Driving practices 16 hours

The course will be with a MAX. 8 students once they reach this quota the course will be closed


Day 1: Departure from Tenerife South

  • Departure from Tenerife to Gran Canaria
  • We’ll know all the points of the boat before we leave
  • Cruise and 9-day course information
  • Consult the weather part for the whole journey this action will be carried out every day
  • Travel to Gran Canaria our first contact with the boat and navigation upon arrival at each destination we will have a theoretical few hours on the preparation of the PER.

Day 2 Travel from Gran Canaria to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We will leave in the early morning to continue to know all the names and utensils of the ship, on an exciting journey starting to be a great sailing team

Day 3 Trip to La Palma

Travel to La Palma this journey will take place at night, an exciting journey as you really are in contact with the sea

Day 4 we will turn around La Palma Island

to know the changes of sail and wind directions we are already more familiar with the names and learn everything related to the ports boarding and disembarking

Day 5 Journey to El Hierro Island

One of the most anticipated trips by the crew as one really feels like an authentic sailor, and the crew already work on their own.

Day 6 Know the shores of El Hierro Island

Since we are familiar with the changes of wind we will make a trip around the island of El Hierro seeing all its charm

Day 7 Trip to La Gomera

, being an authentic family at sea, we will arrive on the most charming island of the entire Canary Islands

Day 8 Visit La Gomera

This day we will be visiting the Island of La Gomera, and learning the interpretation of the nautical charts for the per-GO exam

Day 9 Cetacean Sighting

The last day we will dedicate it to sailing to be able to see the marine animals of the area, such as whales, dolphins, turtles etc. a day to have a good time, once finished back to the port and farewell.